CarBridge - Add any app to Apple CarPlay

Looking for an easy way to add more apps on Apple CarPlay? The waiting is Over!  

Now you can add any app to Apple CarPlay with CarBridge. Watch YouTube videos with the car bridge on Apple CarPlay. Browse the web, play videos while driving and enjoy other exclusive updated Carplay features with Carbridge.

You can try the Carbridge Installer by tapping the button below.

Or find the iOS Installation Guide for Jailbroken Devices below.

About CarBridge app

Attribute Details
Developer leftyfl1p
Version 2.0.13
iOS compatibility 13.0 - 16.7.7
Rootless support Yes

CarBridge App Features 

  • Supports using any app on Apple CarPlay (Except DRM enabled video streaming apps) 
  • Can use any app on the car.  
  • Enables apps with full potential without limitations. 
  • Control your phone with Apple CarPlay. 


  • Your CarPlay unit should be touchscreen enabled.  
  • Your iPhone should be jailbreak-supported. 
  • iPhone should support iOS 13- iOS 16.7.7. 

Why do you need CarBridge?  

CarBridge can add any app to Apple car play. Now you can watch your favourite YouTube videos and streams on Apple CarPlay with CarBridge app. CarBridge supports playing full-screen YouTube videos, and you can change the resolution. YouTube on CarPlay with CarBridge comes with many customizable features.  

You can watch YouTube without limitations on Apple CarPlay as CarBridge app supports up to iOS 16.7.7 version.  

See How to Watch YouTube on Apple CarPlay [Link]

iOS Installation Guide (For Jailbroken Devices)

Here you have a how-to download and install CarBridge app guide. To start this process, you have to jailbreak your iPhone and Cydia should be installed in it.

  1. First, start by opening Cydia app.
  2. Using Cydia app, next install the following.
  3. Rocketbootstrap, Applist, & Filza
  4. Preference Loader- Preference Loader is not there to see in Cydia. Therefore, you can navigate it in your source tab. Ex: Big Boss/ System PreferenceLoader
  5. With the installed Filza, next install leftyfl1p.deb file

Now you are all set and installed the leftyfl1p.deb file to use any app on Apple CarPlay.

Find the iOS Installation Guide for Non Jailbroken Devices →

Carbridge Alternatives / Carbridge without Jailbreak

If you want to know about CarBridge's no jailbreak methods, unfortunately, it’s impossible to use CarBridge without jailbreaking your iPhone.  

However, you can find hardware no jailbreak solutions to add any app on Apple CarPlay.  

Carbridge for Android

Official Carbridge app does not support Android / Android Auto. But there are some good alternatives to add any app to android auto including Netflix and YouTube.

Following are some of the popular Android Auto Mirroring apps to add any app on Android Auto.  

  • AA Mirror 
  • AA Stream 
  • Screen2Auto 
  • CarStream 
  • Cartube - Youtube for Android Auto
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